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of... california florida, illinois.
, and the first one is called pelican island, florida, and i went to pelican island, florida, he's near vecero beach. and you can't walk on it because you could step on birds' nest. the island, for example, there are many like this off our coast, but pelican island, for example, pelicans would come and they would breed in, you know, nest there, and so they'd all be in a cluster. but the millenary institute, women's fashion during the gilded age wanted feathers for women's hats. they wanted, you know, egret feather or a herring feather, et cetera. and so people would come and just gun them all down. and you were massacring birds. there would be heaps of dead birds just for a feather. and we were losing species in florida. wild florida, i mean, you think that the west was wild, florida was the last untamed place down around the swamps of the ev everglades and places, these were a lot of ex-con fed rats on the lam, people that couldn't stand the federal government with civil war memories. and their view was if it's a bird, i'll shoot it, there's money to be had. roosevelt's first place in 1903 in
, florida. >> what's your job? >> we maintain all parts of the ship. >> so there's a lot of moving parts here, obviously. what's a typical day like for you? >> sweeping and we paint the side of the ship, we take up old paint, we take up rust, we just do a lot. >> ok. and just a real quick, you want to say your name and where you're from as well? >> i'm seaman mark from seattle, washington. >> from new jersey. >> thank you very much for everything you do. enjoy new york city, right? you ready? i need some excitement from y'all. come on. >> there you go. i knew you had it in you. back to you. >> you got them riled up. you have to give them a little coffee, i think, you know? >> they're being professional. >> that's true. >> that's right. >> thanks, anna, check back in with you. >> the largest religious lawsuit
of florida. florida shenanigans, this year's version. that's next. it's gonna be a casual thing. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the tight-turning, space-saving, eco-friendly smart. escape your stuff. ♪ >>> some of your constituents will be able to read both. warning, warning. that's ahead. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about the cookie-cutter retirement advice ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 you get at some places. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 they say you have to do this, have that, invest here ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 you know what? ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 you can't create a retirement plan based on ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 a predetermined script. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab, we actually take the time to listen - ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 to understand you and your goals... ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 together we can find real-life answers for your ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 real-life retirement. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 talk to chuck ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 and let's write a script based on your life story. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 >>> in the run up to the presidential election year, that ye
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of florida. florida she nan begans, this year's version. that's next. uncover stronger, younger looking skin. [ female announcer ] new aveeno skin strengthening body cream helps transform dry, thinning skin, by strengthening its moisture barrier, for improved texture and elasticity in 2 weeks. reveal healthy, supple skin. aveeno skin strengthening. >>> some of your constituents will be able to read both. warning, warning. that's ahead. >>> in the run up to the presidential election year, that year, 2000, the state of florida undertook a massive purge of the voter roles. it was undertook by jeb bush and kathryn harris. the stated goal of the florida voter purge was to make sure that felons who lost their right to vote in florida would not be permitted to vote by mistake in that year's election. the goal is to remove the ineligible names from the voter registration list. here is how that went. the private company that florida contracted to purge the voter registration rolls gave state officials a list of 8,000 ex-felons to remove from the voter rolls. not a single one of them had been convicte
funky change the results of whole thing happens in the great state of florida. florida shenanigans, this year's version. that's next. it's gonna be a casual thing. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the tight-turning, space-saving, eco-friendly smart. escape your stuff. ♪ escape your stuff. morning, boys. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> some of your constituents will be able to read both. warning, warning. that's ahead. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about the cookie-cutter retirement advice ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 you get at some places. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 they say you have to do this, have that, invest here ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 you know what? ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 you can't create a retirement plan based on ttd#: 1-800
and absentee voting. in ohio and in west virginia and in tennessee, in georgia, in florida. what's the matter with early voting and absentee voting? don't know! maybe it makes voting too easy? but these states are cracking down on it, they are rolling it back. there are new restrictions on voter registration in texas and ohio, in illinois, in maine, in florida. in the iconic swing state of florida, those aren't the only new obstacles to voting there this year. as we have been reporting on the show, florida's republican governor rick scott has started a push to purge thousands of voters off florida's voter registration rolls, in time for the election. as in all of these cases, the stated goal of this mass effort to take away thousands of floridian's voting rights is supposedly the prevention of voter fraud. in recent weeks, the state of florida has sent local elections officials a list of more than 2,600 registered voter who is the state says are not u.s. citizens and therefore are not eligible to vote and they have to have their names taken off the rolls. election supervisors, in turn, have b
, mr. holmes. now i yield to the gentleman from florida, mr. sutherland, for the purpose of an introduction. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i'd like to thank up for the opportunity to hold this hearing, to review forestry and the energy programs within the 2012 farm bill. as many people may not be aware, my moment state of florida's highest valued agriculture product is trees. over $16 billion is infused into the florida's economy from the manufacturing and distribution of forest products each year. florida's products industry and forestry supports many communities in our congress an district and currently over 133,000 employees of florida's forest industry and it just provides an enormous economic bedrock to our community. the appalachia national forest resides in my congressional district. i am proud today to welcome a witness from our district. it's an honor to welcome richard schwab from perry, florida with over 22 years of experience in the forestry industry. he's representing over 500 businesses in florida and south georgia, as well as the american loggers council. i c
. this is jacksonville, florida, the yeah received as much as 6 inches of rain. the forecast here different in maryland. >> sticky and hot the past few days. it's a bit uncomfortable outside right now. >> you are right. the temperatures are in the 70s. bell is no longer a tropical storm, it has been downgraded. the winds sustained at 30 miles per hour. it is a tropical depression. you can see it pin wheeling the bands of rain and they are getting flooding in southeast florida, or southeast georgia and alnortheast florida. this is going to happen for the next day or so and turning towards the north and east. that will stay away from us but begin to strengthen again over the warm gulf stream waters and heading towards the atlantic. for the most part, we won't deal with that, the windy conditions and the rain. for today, we are nice and dry, as you head out and about, we have been dealing with the warm and humid conditions, light southwest breeze, another steamer is on tap today. let's talk about the temperatures as you head head out the door. 74 stevensville. shady side 72. i will tell you about the next
was tough enough and smart enough to beat me in florida. now, i have real respect -- when you have somebody who is tough enough to look you in the eye and run over you -- >> did he tell the truth about you? >> no. but he did what he had to do. >> so the ends justify the means. we get the best man that way. >> no, it's not just that. look what obama did to hillary. these are tough fights, you know that, you've been through them. he was in a situation where everything he had ever done was going to disappear if i beat him in florida. so he said, look, i got two choices. i can throw the kitchen sink at gingrich or i can be a nice guy and be a nominee. >> someone like yourself who has been studying politics -- we've got people like woodrow wilson who read a life of washington. we've got people coming in who actually earned it in terms of deep thought of what the office means historically. mitt romney is not that guy. he is a man who is a man of faith -- give him that -- of business -- give him that -- of family. give him that. but he doesn't understand what the job of president is. he thinks it'
, they trying to steal the vote in florida before a ballot is cast. this story needs to be heard. let's get to work. >> who made the decision to put these names on a list. >> democrats are fighting rick scott's attempt to block the vote in florida. republicans are joining them. tonight a republican election supervisor calls out the republican governor in florida. >> i need to get 50.1% or more. >> mitt romney is standing by his birther while donald trump goes on another out of control rant about the president. >> there are many people that don't agree with that birth certificate. >> michael eric dyson on mitt romney's lack of courage to cut ties with trump. >>> the ghost of ronald reagan is make an appearance in wisconsin. >> win this one. >> we'll tell you why john doe and big bucks could win this election for the democrats. >>> good to have you with us tonight. thanks for watching. the one thing about the republicans, that's masters at doing stuff when nobody else is watching. you need to watch this story. on the heel offense a national holiday honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifi
of control in florida. a 91-year-old decorated world war ii veteran who was born in brooklyn now has to go find his birth certificate to prove that he should continue to be able to be allowed to vote in florida. florida the democrats say that that is the republican birther movement and that is all about winning the state for romney. that's coming up. >>> also ahead, the real money men of the romney campaign are real billionaires. we have the author of the rolling stone page showing who romney's billionaires are and what exactly do they want from mitt romney? >>> and political tv today includes michelle obama's appearance on "the view." tv wizard andy cohen is here to analyze the first lady's interview and to make her an offer she cannot refuse. >>> and in rerun, 65-year-old mitt romney is now lecturing us on civil rights, that's right, the same mitt romney, who sat out the civil rights movement. the man who does not know that the civil rights issue of his era was civil rights. [ barking ] i'm your dog, holding down the fort while you're out catching a movie. [ growls ] lucky for me, your f
, florida is purging voters from the rolls based on a flawed system. the purge is hitting the hispanic community the hardest. senator bill nelson of florida told a hispanic audience they are under attack. the most precious right of all of our rights in america to the right to vote and it is being assaulted right here. nelson said this to the league of united latin american citizens in tampa. a coalition of civil rights have asked florida secretary of state ken denster to stop the purge or risk a lawsuit. they saw federal law prohibits voters being removed from the roll less than 90 days before the election. florida holds a primary election on august 14th. the next presidential election could be stolen right before our eyes if this flawed voter purge is not halted. maureen russo has thrown out the rolls. she is a ft. lauderdale residents who has legally voted in florida for 40 years. two weeks ago the state of florida said they had information indicating she was not born in this country. she immediately asked a hearing but has not yet received a response. get your cell phones out. i wan
>>> bracing for beryl, a tropical tomorrow surging towards florida. the damage it could bring. >>> good evening. thanks for joining us. we just got an update, they're now reporting the tropical storm has winds of 70 miles an hour, just shy of hurricane strength. beryl is expected to make land fall any time now along the south eastern coast. >> the wind is wick -- picking up across the ghost of georgia. -- coast of georgia. the store is expected to hit parts of florida, georgia and south carolina. it could drop up to 8 inches of rain. officials in jacksonville, florida canceled memorial day events because of the storm. >> it has the potential to produce localized flooding, downed trees. >> beryl started ruining plans sunday. lifeguards moved people away from the shore. swim ingming isn't allowed. the rough conditions kept most people out of the water in florida. >> no, we didn't get a chance, but that's all right. a little rough. >> these surfers in daytona beach came back to shore saying the waives were too dangerous. >> whenever they're rush kr -- crushing you it's tough to g
defense against a massive voter suppression effort in florida. i'll talk to the congressman leading the effort. congressman mike coffman is now changing his excuse for attacking the president. >> i misspoke and apologize. >> scott walker is going national to survive his recall. mr. barrett joins me tonight. >> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. president bush famously asked the question, are our children learning? mitt romney, are we making enough money off them? mitt romney visits a charter school about success of for profit education. >> i'm told about the success of these institutions you helped found and this institution in particular and would love to get your privilege on what makes it work. >> there are real questions about whether charter schools are working including the one romney visited today. the universal blu ford charter school in philadelphia was put on warning status last year. only 27% proficient in math and 22% proficient in reading. the objectives or 72% in reading and they are behind. romney told the audience classroom size, it has nothing to do with
n reunidas, y podrían valorar a quién es el próximo presidente de méxic >>> la florida aprobó una ley que prohe los gobiernos locales de ese estado hacer tratos para los negoci que tienen vínculos con siria y cuba. >>> la nueva ley prohibe al gobierno estatal y los gobiernos cales de la florida, hacer tratos contra los que tengan vínculos con cuba y siria. >>> la medida, ampliamente acogidapor legisladores, alcaldes y una mayoríen la florida, fue aprobada en la florida y afectará la rlación de las empresas con las municipalidades. >>> ellos tendrán que escoger. >>> sudán, irán, cuba y siria, han sido identificados por la floridcomo patrocinadores del terrorismo. >>> es que e e día de hoy, hay su >>> la cámara de comercio le dijo a univisión, que la florida envía un mensaje negativopara importantes socios como canadá y colombia, es probable que esto sea inconstituciol y tenga consecuencias indeseables con nuestros socios de comercio. >>> este profesor dice que la ley podría ser reta en los tribunales. >>> el problema de la ley, es que se le da al gobier
enough to beat me in florida. now i have real respect, and you have been at this stuff, when you have somebody tough enough to look you in the eye and run over you -- >> did he tell the truth about you? >> no. but he did what he had to do. >> so the end justifies the means? >> no, but go back and look at what obama did to hillary. these are tough fights. you have been through them. you throw the kitchen sink. he informs a situation where everything he had ever done would disappear if i beat him in florida. so he said look, i can throw the kitchen sink, or i can be a nice guy and not be the nominee. >> what burns me as a student of politics, is that someone like yourself, who has been studying politics -- look at our history of the president, we have people like woodrow wilson that wrote a life of washington. people that earned it with deep thought. mitt romney is not that guy high pressure he is a man of faith, family, we'll give him that, and of business, give him that, but he's certainly not a man of history or any kind of understanding of the presidency. he doesn't understand what
tuesday. >>> happy tuesday, howard. things are looking pretty good except for one spot. on florida avenue. let's go to our live picture right now so i can tell you the situation. police investigation of a serious overnight situation. closes florida avenue at rhode island avenue and 7th street northwest. south of howard university hospital. you want to use rhode island avenue instead. in just a couple minutes, our delia goncalves will have more information on what's going on there but in the meantime, go ahead and use rhode island avenue as your alternate route this morning here in northwest d.c. let's go back over to our maps. this time on the north side of town. no problems to report on the beltway from college park all the way into bethesda. we're looking good on 270 out of frederick and 95 out of baltimore. we'll end with a live picture on the beltway at georgia avenue. traffic is moving well both loops of the beltway north of town. in my next report, another look at area roads at 5:09. back to you. >>> we start this morning with breaking news in the district. two men have been killed
to be privileged to talk at the american bar association convention in florida when roberta was the first woman chairman of this association, and it reminded me that's not particularly revel. it did remind me of the fact that i sort of specialized in talking at bar association occasions honoring first woman presidents because i had previously talked to the chicago bar association back in the 1970s when keegan became president of the association, and she was the first woman president of the major bar association. roberta followed up and as greg told me at the time, she was going to have a sensational career, which, of course, was an obviously correct prediction. but this afternoon i thought i would make a brief comment on bush against gore, because there has been so much discussion of the remedy issue in that case in which a majority of the united states supreme court issued a stay that halted the recount of florida votes in the presidential election of 2000. the significance of the courts opinions reliance on the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment has been generally overlooked. as yo
down south to florida where you hail from. it's super important to this election coming up. in your estimation, romney having the slight lead in florida right now, is there a sense from the democrats that president obama is truly in trouble? >> i think not based on the quinnipiac poll that came out. the demographics were a little questionable. florida's actually a 407 republican -- i mean 40% democratic and like 38% republican. it was reversed with the quinnipiac poll. i think what the obama team is looking at is not really the senateshot but the trend line. they're in good shape in florida because the democrats in florida are leading the democratic election, meaning the minorities and wherever you see that, that geesd news for the obama campaign. >> thomas, might say in the nbc news maris poll in florida last week it was as joy-ann correctly identified an we think we captured the slightly democratic flavor better than the republican numbers that the quinnipiac poll had. >> what's the margin of error? >> margin of error was three and we're seeing a slight advantage for president oba
, vamos a visitar una regiÓn de la florida los votos hispanos tienen un significado muy especial. >>> y una organizaciÓn educativa revive esperanzas para profesional latinos que no rercen las carreras quempactoÍe @@ionen. er impfacebo extra runivision@@s @@ndremoprimeÁs acto eante e r @ er imp extra runivision@@primerr a r a florida existe una regiÓn en particular, porque la comunidad hispana puedprimer hacer la diferencia,r y ahÍ se desplazÓ lourdes del rÍo. vamos a ver quÉ encontrÓ. >>> el corredor de la i 4 y toma el nombre de su carretera i estatal que conecta el centro de la florida. de tampa a orlando. es una zona vibrante, densamentemente poblada, que sus ojos bien puestos. os tienen >>> se dieron cuenta que aquÍ en esta zona, hay mucho independiente. y es un voto que decide las elecciÓn. ivision@@primer impacn los 29 votos electorales de lapn florida. >>> el interÉs de los aplico ion@@primer impacto extra runiÔv nÚprimros dempactomentera rivisr 57% xtra r reacto eÓ rel resisionel@@ paiÁ pronunciado en el corredor de la i 4. >>> los puertorriqueÑos son el grupo h
beryl makes and fall in florida -- lafl--land fall. it's time to get going. to get your feet moving to the beat. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's and feel the energy from your feet up. thanks to the energizing support and cushioning of dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, you'll want to get up and go. >>> making landfall as a tropical storm, berl has weakened into a depression, but officials are not letting their guard down. we have latest from jacksonville, florida. >> reporter: loud, rude and violent. it's the holiday weekend guest that no one invited but everyone knew was coming -- beryl. >> i was exciting not so much gust. >> reporter: spinning on shore just after midnight near jacksonville, berl, tropical storm beryl was just shy of hurricane strength, drenching rain and choppy surfs. it left thousands in the dark. ray found his 60-foot tall tree uprooted in his front yard. >> i didn't think the whole tree would go. >> reporter: he is grateful it doesn't fall on the house, a sentiment being cooed by floridians. >> i don't want anything with a category behind it. >> r
candidate. florida, very important state. it's trending for romney and particularly if rubio gets on the ticket, rubio is going to campaign hard for mitt romney, saw i? >> he does not win florida. >> bill: so barack obama wins florida he is re-elected. >> looks good we feel positive about it. >> bill: who is we? >> i'm a republican. from a patron perspective. i'm not a cardinal so i shouldn't be talking we. >> bill: there you go. so you think that florida is state and romney did very well there. >> ultimate media state. >> bill: and john kasich is the governor of ohio and that is going to mean something. economics is improving there. ohio is traditionally a republican bastion. >> seos are two we have to win. >> bill: what do you see in ohio? is it favorable flying florida? >> it's getting better by the day. john has done a lot of things that is unpopular but he is built an organization. >> bill: how important is it to have a republican governor, like in virginia you got mcdonald? >> they have built a good structure, it's very important. >> bill: you get the vote out. >> they can r
was not on a commercial. it was when charlie crist, the former governor of florida was running for attorney general and his opponent put up a billboard that said that it took through times for him to pass the bar exam. so we decided to truth test that. it was an idea that our news director at the time had, and then he said after that, why don't we do that on television on television ads. >> was it true or false? >> it was true. >> really? >> yeah, charlie crist did take three times to pass the bar exam. so we decided to go at that point and then go through different ads and we've been doing that ever since in different election cycles. this year is going to be the busiest year we have. we typically doll somewhere between august and november in a general election year somewhere between 24 and 27 ads. you know while we're trying to fit in whatever else we do to cover politics because it takes an enormous amount of time to research some of these things. so we don't do as many as we'd like but this year we're probably going to be on course to do more than we've done before. just in the way of numbers,
poblaciÓn latina en new york >>> y ademÁs enrique, vamos a visitar una regiÓn de la florida los tos hispanos tienen un significado muy especial. >>> y una organizaciÓnducativa revive esperanzas para profesional latino que no ejercen las carreras que estudiaron en s paÍses de origen. >>> cebook oti ter, ediciÓn cturna tendremos mÁs adelante en >>> mire la foirp gs en ciudad de new york hay mÁs mexicanos mi menos puerto prriqueÑos la poblaciÓn de origen mexicano, aumentÓ un 74%. los puertorriqueÑos siguen siendo el mayor grupo pop cional en la ciudad de new york. pero su presencia se redujo en se%. el segundo grupo dominicanos comunidad que aumentÓ. en washington higt. el considere zoom de la poblaciÓmexicana e tercer lugar. y en reciente informe sobrepoblaciÓn nacida en el extranjero. >>> y existennos cuantos estados en el paÍs que por tradiciÓn aspirante presidencial tiene que ganar si quiere llegar a la casa blanca y estÁ la florida existe una regiÓn en particular, poue la comunidad hispana pue hacer la diferencia, en la votaciÓn de noviembre. le llaman el i ford. y ahÍ se
to rally this time around. >>> and florida, florida, florida. what's worse in republican politics down there, praise from president obama or years as charlie crist's right hand guy. take a dive on how he thinks he can get his job back. >>> good morning from washington. it's thursday, may 17th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. in a political bombshell this morning, "the new york times" reports that a republican super pac is considering tv ads relitigating president obama's ties to controversial reverend jeremiah wright. the "times" got a leaked copy of a proposal called, quote, the defeat of barack hussein obama. the rickets plan. fresh off his political victory in the home state of nebraska, he is thinking about taking his super pac success national. the $10 million plan was presented to the family in chicago last week, according to the "times." 54-page proposal carries the logo of strategic perception. ad maker fred davis' firm, he's the man behind the demon sheep video and christine o'donnell's famous "i'm not a witch" tv ad. most recently he worked on jon huntsman'
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 4,735 (some duplicates have been removed)